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Why does PortSwigger exist?

Why is the PortSwigger culture so important?

Create the work that you want

Most jobs suck, and most companies suck. PortSwigger aims to be different. The primary motivations behind PortSwigger are that we want to:

This is still our primary motivation. Work takes up so much of our lives that making work fun is a key pathway to being happy.

We work on the basis that if it stops being fun, we're doing it wrong. We'll change what we're doing and find a better way.

If PortSwigger really stopped being fun, it would fail. Many people would leave, including the founder.

Enabling the world to secure the web

We want a mission that involves:

  • Tackling interesting problems.

  • Building cool solutions.

  • Sharing what we create with others.

Our chosen mission is to enable the world to secure the web. Numerous other missions would have met the above needs and been aligned with our other values. We've got this mission largely through historical accident. But as missions go, it's a great one.

We aren't training for the silver medal

We have unbounded ambition to succeed at what we do. We want our products and services to be significantly better than anyone else's. In everything we do, if we do it at all, we do it to an exceptionally high standard.

We're highly competitive and we intend to win.

We want and expect to be commercially successful, if that is consistent with our other goals.

We don't have a department called "HR".

We aim to deliver a good life for our people. Certainly, we pay well, and we give everyone a stake in the business through share options. Enabling our people to be rewarded in line with their contribution is an end in itself.

But living a good life isn't just about having money, and we take a holistic view of what is good for us: having fun, being fulfilled and engaged, developing skills, living healthily, having good relationships, supporting other people, and enjoying respect from others. Through our culture, ways of working, and workspace, we actively promote the wellbeing of our people in the fullest sense.

Sharing our success

Being a force for good begins with our own people, but it extends globally.

As well as being exciting for us, our mission of enabling the world to secure the web is highly worthwhile. We've provided the web security testing industry with exceptional software and innovations over many years. We've educated a generation of practitioners in web security vulnerabilities and how to find them. We've pushed the boundaries of web security research.

We aren't greedy in our pricing. We give away our knowledge for free. We give generously to charity.

We see no contradiction between being a force for good and our ambition to succeed. The world is a better place if companies with our values are the winners.