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An opportunity to help a thriving scale-up business to protect its culture as it grows, by supporting the smooth delivery and continuous improvement of its people-related processes.

PortSwigger role vacancy

What we're doing, and why we need you

PortSwigger is a cybersecurity company that is located in the outskirts of Knutsford, Cheshire. It is a global leader in the cybersecurity sector. Our cutting-edge software is used by over 60,000 customers in 150 countries to help them secure their web applications. Our educational and research output is used by millions of people globally to learn about web security.

The Culture Collaborator role falls within the Culture Tribe at PortSwigger. This tribe is responsible for recruitment, employee engagement, and our workplace; it undertakes projects to support belonging, leadership, feedback, and well-being amongst our people. The Culture Collaborator role will work across these different areas, providing support with a wide range of operational and other tasks, delivering a gold standard of people-related processes, and helping us to continuously improve how we work and protect our culture.

We believe our culture is our most valuable asset and our biggest differentiator as an organization. Enabling us to achieve our primary goals, of having fun at work, delivering amazing products and services, and changing the world for the better.

We currently have 100 people and expect to grow steadily into several hundred people over the next few years. We are fixated on protecting our culture as we grow. We are keenly aware that many organizations lose their way and drift into a toxic corporate culture. We refuse to accept that this is inevitable.

The work of the Culture Tribe is heavily backed by our founder, Dafydd Stuttard, and by our board, including Yvonne Agyei, a highly experienced People professional who has held senior roles within Google and

Role details: Culture Collaborator

We now have a hugely exciting opportunity for a Culture Collaborator to join our Culture Tribe.

Timeframe: Permanent position.

Location: Knutsford, Cheshire, United Kingdom.

We are minutes from the M6, and easily commutable from Manchester, Stockport, Wilmslow, Warrington, Chester, Crewe, Macclesfield, and Northwich.

Salary: We pay excellent salaries above the normal market level, and this is always determined based on your individual skills and contribution.

Benefits: Share options, 8% employer pension contribution.

Apply, or ask any questions

Life assurance: 4x salary.

Income protection: full pay for first 6 months of incapacity followed by 75% of salary plus pension contribution.

Private medical insurance (Bupa).

Holidays: 25 days plus public holidays.

Working hours: Core hours are 9am to 5pm, with flexibility to start any time between 8am and 9.30am.

Key responsibilities

The foundations of our culture initiatives are solid people processes that are efficient, accurate and seamless. Delivering value to our people by making their lives easier at work, is central to what we do.

The scope of the Culture Collaborator role is broad. You will actively support the hands-on delivery of all people processes. You will continuously look for opportunities to improve our processes to make them more efficient, and more closely meet the needs of "customers", both internal (i.e. the wider PortSwigger team) and external (e.g. candidates and recruitment agencies). You will provide other ad-hoc assistance to colleagues wherever it is most needed.

In addition to your wide-ranging supportive role, you will actively engage with the work of the Culture Tribe across a range of exciting projects. You will frequently work directly with colleagues across the entire business outside of the Culture Tribe. Gathering feedback on our processes and working to improve them will generally involve close collaboration with our people in all areas.

About you

If asked to describe yourself you would say that:

Essential skills for the role

Desirable skills for the role

Examples of tasks and projects you would be involved in

Coordination of our recruitment process and delivery of a first-class candidate experience. You will be expected to:

Coordination of amazing Swigger socials and company events. You will be responsible for coordinating the delivery of:

Providing Swigger support - you will be a central point of contact and a sign-poster for all Swiggers on any range of questions. You will:

Be well rewarded

We firmly believe in paying people what they're worth to us, not just what we can get away with or what they could earn elsewhere. We pay excellent salaries above the normal market level, and this is always determined based on your individual skills and contribution. In addition to a generous base salary, we offer share options and a comprehensive benefits package.

Meet the Swiggers

We are a diverse group of people with a wide range of interests and backgrounds. What Swiggers have in common is that they all love their work and are exceptionally good at what they do.

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