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rewards at PortSwigger

We take a different view of rewarding people than nearly any other business. We firmly believe in paying people what they are worth to us, not just what we can get away with or what they could earn elsewhere. We think this is the right way to treat people. And, in the long run, it's good for the business too.

We pay excellent salaries above the normal market level. We don't have a fixed salary band for any position. Instead, reward is always determined based on the ability and contribution of the individual. We aim to hire the very best people, and we expect to pay accordingly.

We offer share options to all our people. This gives everyone a long-term stake in the value that we are building together. It turns everyone into an owner, and drives the kind of collective, long-term behavior that makes us successful. Share options are normally awarded annually, starting after one year of employment.

We have a comprehensive benefits package:

We have a range of optional benefits, including:

All our people receive 25 days holiday plus public holidays.