An opportunity to help shape the future of a successful and growing development team, and work with other outstanding individuals.

Who we are?

What will you be doing?

We have a very ambitious roadmap for the future of our software. As a senior member of our development team you will:

Why join PortSwigger?

We like to have fun (why else would we make a product called Burp?) while thinking hard about conceptually complex problems. If you are someone who thrives on difficult challenges and gets a kick out of solving them, then this is the job for you.

We only hire exceptional people – and as a result deliver software that never fails to impress our users.

We are genuinely Agile: we employ rigorous TDD; we pair-program on a daily basis; we work off a single code branch that is always release-ready; we have regular team retrospectives and knowledge-sharing sessions.

We have rapid release cycles with updated versions of our software automatically pushed to our users, so you will quickly see your code deployed to a huge global audience.

We offer a healthy, high-tech working environment. All developers work on the latest Mac Pros, with dual monitors, sitting-standing desks, and (if they are so inclined) walking treadmills.

Eligibility: A minimum of five years' experience working in software development. (This is a minimum only, and we welcome candidates with any length of experience beyond this.
Essential attributes:
  • Exceptional academic background, or commensurate track record in employment to demonstrate technical abilities.
  • Outstanding analytical and computational skills.
  • Experience of Agile / XP / TDD methodologies for collaborative development.
  • Strong interest in solving difficult and complex technical problems in imaginative ways.
  • Ability to learn quickly about unfamiliar technologies and work with them immediately.
  • Attention to detail and personal pride in the quality of work output.
  • High level of personal integrity.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge of core web technologies including HTTP, SSL, HTML, JavaScript, XML, JSON, and SOAP.
  • Significant experience of object-oriented programming, the Java language and core APIs.
  • Understanding of Java APIs for networking, threading, reflection, and user interface (Swing/FX).
  • Familiarity with version control software including Git.
  • Fluent English speaker.
Preferred attributes:
  • Experience of reverse-engineering and analyzing non-standard data formats and protocols.
  • Ability to quickly understand a large existing codebase, begin applying incremental changes, and identify opportunities for code refactoring.
  • Working knowledge of Windows, Linux and OS X.
  • An interest in learning about web security.
Timeframe: Permanent position.
Location: Knutsford, Cheshire, United Kingdom.
Remuneration: Extremely competitive salary and excellent benefits, dependent on skills and experience. Share options.
Company background: PortSwigger Web Security is a global leader in the creation of software tools for security testing of web applications. For nearly a decade, we have worked at the cutting edge of the web security industry, and our suite of tools is well established as the de facto standard toolkit used by web security professionals.

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