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Senior Sales Executive

Burp Suite technology is trusted by over 16,000 organizations worldwide, including Google, Amazon, and NASA. We're looking for exceptional sales executives to sell our enterprise cybersecurity software.

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We firmly believe in paying people what they're worth, not just what we can get away with or what they could earn elsewhere. We pay excellent salaries above the normal market level which is always determined based on individual skills and contribution. 95% of our people report themselves as mostly or completely satisfied with their salaries and benefits. In addition to a generous £100k+ OTE, we offer share options and a comprehensive benefits package.

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Due to our highly collaborative ways of working, we find we work best when we're together. For this reason, we're not able to facilitate home or hybrid working. You can see more on this here.

Meet the Swiggers

We are a diverse group of people with a wide range of interests and backgrounds. What Swiggers have in common is that they all love their work and are exceptionally good at what they do.

Jess H

Jess H, Culture Champion

Mike S

Mike S, Software Developer

Mohamed H

Mohamed H, Software Developer