Task details

  • Last updated: September 14, 2023

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The task details window contains detailed information for an individual task. To open it, click View details or for any scan or live task in the Tasks panel on the dashboard.

Depending on the type of task, the Task Details window may contain the following tabs:

  • Details - A summary of the task configuration and progress.

  • Target - This tab is only displayed for isolated scans. It contains the following subtabs:

    • Site map - Shows the target information that Burp collects as it scans, including a tree view of the site's contents and any issues found. For more information, see Site map.
    • Crawl paths - Shows the actions taken by Burp Scanner to reach each crawled location. For more information, see Crawl paths.
  • Live crawl view - This shows a rendering of the URL that Burp Scanner is currently crawling. This tab continuously updates as Burp Scanner crawls the application.

  • Audit items - A list of each URL audited, along with detailed information about the status of the audit. For more information, see Audit items.

  • Issue activity - The task issue activity log. For more information, see Issue activity.

  • Event log - The task event log. For more information, see Event log.

  • Logger - The task logger. This logs all HTTP traffic generated by the single task. For more information, see Task logger.


If you click View details or for an Intruder task, the attack results window opens. For more information, see Burp Intruder attack results.

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