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Context menu

  • Last updated: May 23, 2024

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The context menu provides quick access to a variety of tools and functions throughout Burp Suite. To view the context menu, right-click an item or group of items. Most Burp Suite tools support this functionality.

The list below details common context menu options that can be found in multiple Burp Suite tools.


Some tools also have context menu options that are specific to that particular tool. These are not listed here. For information on these options, see the documentation for the relevant tool.

Option Description

Add comment

Enables you to add text comments to the selected items

Add notes

Enables you to record text notes for the selected items

Add to scope

Adds the selected items to the project scope

Add to site map

Adds the selected items to the site map

Audit again

Duplicates the selected items and adds them to the end of the audit list

Change body encoding

Switches the encoding of any message body between standard URL-encoded and multipart-encoding

Change request method

Switches the request method between GET and POST, with all relevant request parameters relocated accordingly

Clear (tool)

Removes all items from the open tool

Compare site maps

Compares site maps, helping you to find access control vulnerabilities and identify areas to inspect manually

Convert selection

Converts the selected text to an alternative format (for example URL, HTML, or Base64)


Copies the selected items to the clipboard

Copy as curl command

Generates a curl command that replicates the selected items and copies them to the clipboard

Copy links

Parses the selected items for links and copies them to the clipboard

Copy to file

Enables you to select a file and copy the contents of the current message to that file

Copy URL

Copies the selected item's URL to the clipboard


Removes and copies the selected items to the clipboard

Delete issue

Removes the selected issue from the project

Delete items

Deletes the selected items from Burp

Do active scan

Burp Scanner scans the selected items by sending its own requests to the target to probe for vulnerabilities

Do passive scan

Burp Scanner tests the selected items for vulnerabilities but does not send any additional requests


Opens the relevant documentation

Engagement tools

Contains useful functions to perform engagement-related tasks. For more information, see Engagement tools

Export as CSV

Exports the selected data or items as a CSV file. You can select where the file is saved.

Go to issue

Opens the relevant issue in the Issues tab


Marks the selected items with a color label for easy identification

Insert Collaborator payload

Generates and inserts a Collaborator payload


Pastes content from the clipboard

Paste from file

Pastes content from a specified file

Paste URL as request

Creates an HTTP request from a URL in the clipboard

Report issue

Creates an issue from the selected items

Request in browser

Executes the selected HTTP request in the user's default browser

Save entire history

Saves the change history for the selected request to a file. You can select where the file is saved.

Save items

Saves the selected items in the specified format


Runs a scan against the selected items

Scan defined insertion points

Scans all user-defined insertion points in the selected request

Send to...

Sends the selected items to the specified Burp tool

Set confidence

Sets or adjusts the confidence level of an issue

Set severity

Sets or changes the severity level of an issue

Show details in new window

Opens detailed information about the selected item in a new window

Show insertion points

Displays insertion points for the selected item

Show response in browser

Displays a URL that you can use to view the selected response. This works with any browser that is configured to use Burp as its proxy

URL-encode as you type

Automatically URL-encodes special characters as you type


Modifies view settings or displays additional item views

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