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Hotkey settings

  • Last updated: April 29, 2024

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The Hotkey settings enable you to configure hotkeys for common actions within Burp. The available actions fall into three categories:

  • Actions specific to individual HTTP requests or responses, such as Send to Repeater.
  • Global actions, such as Switch to Proxy.
  • In-editor actions, such as Cut and Undo.

Some hotkeys are configured by default.

To add or edit a hotkey:

  • Double-click the action that you want to configure.
  • Type the hotkey you want to assign to that action. All hotkey combinations must use the Control key (or the Command key on MacOS). You may also use Shift or other available modifiers.
  • Click Apply.


Some Windows installations treat the Ctrl+Alt key combination as equivalent to AltGr. This may result in typed characters appearing when you attempt to use hotkeys in text fields.

The Hotkeys settings are user settings. They apply to all installations of Burp on your machine.

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