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  • Last updated: November 25, 2022

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You can access most of Burp Suite's settings via the Settings dialog. To access this dialog, click Settings on the top menu.

User and project settings

There are two types of setting in Burp:

  • Project settings only apply to the current project. They are stored within the project file itself.
  • User settings apply to all installations of Burp on your machine. They affect all disk-based projects and any temporary projects.

Some settings can be defined as both project and user settings. These settings have an Override options for this project only toggle. If this toggle is selected, then Burp applies the specified settings at the project level. Otherwise, the specified settings are treated as user settings and applied globally.

The toggle enables you to configure defaults at the user level, and then override these settings on a project by project basis.

For example, you might configure a corporate LAN proxy to connect to the Internet as a user setting. However, some projects might require you to use a different upstream proxy. You can configure the alternative details in your project settings.

Finding settings

The navigation tree to the side of the Settings dialog enables you to find the settings you are looking for.

To filter the content:

  • Use the Search bar at the top of the panel.
  • Alternatively, use the All, User or Project filter buttons.


For a guide to some of the most important settings in Burp, see Key settings.

Settings pages

The Settings dialog contains the following pages:

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