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Managing tab groups

  • Last updated: June 18, 2024

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You can organize tabs into groups to manage large numbers of open tabs. This also enables you to send requests from multiple tabs in sequence.


For more information on sending grouped requests as a sequence, see Sending requests in sequence.

Creating a new tab group

To create a tab group:

  1. Click the add tab button and select Create tab group to display the create group context menu.
  2. Enter a Group name.
  3. Use the checkboxes to select the tabs that you want to add to the group. You can shift-click to select multiple tabs.
  4. Select a group color. The group's tabs are highlighted with this color on the tab bar.
  5. Click Create to set up the group. An icon for the group is added to the tab bar. Click the icon to display the individual tabs within the group.

Any tab groups you create remain open even if you restart Burp Suite.

Editing existing groups

You can edit existing groups of tabs:

  • Edit the group - Right-click the group and select Edit group to display the context menu. The fields on this menu are the same as those used when you create a group.
  • Add a tab to a group - Right-click the tab and select a group from the Add tab to group menu.
  • Remove a tab from a group - Right-click the tab and select Remove tab from group. Note that if you remove the last tab from a group, the group is automatically closed.
  • Close all tabs in the group except the selected tab - Right-click the tab and select Close other tabs in group.
  • Close a group but keep its tabs open - Right-click the group icon and select Ungroup tabs.

Closing tab groups

To close a group and all of its tabs, right-click the group icon and select Delete entire group.

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