• Last updated: October 20, 2023

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Burp's dashboard lets you control and monitor Burp's automated activity:

  • You can launch a scan of a website by clicking the New scan button.
  • You can monitor the progress of tasks that are running, and open the task details window for an individual task, to see more information.
  • You can search for tasks using the search bar. This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with the rename function.
  • You can pause and resume individual tasks, or all tasks together.
  • You can reorder tasks by dragging them within the task list.
  • You can rename a task by double-clicking its name.
  • You can configure settings for how tasks are managed and executed, by clicking the gear icon at the top of the Tasks panel.
  • You can view the issue activity from any audit tasks that are running, to see vulnerabilities being reported in real time.
  • You can configure a live task by clicking the New live task button.
  • You can view the event log to monitor for alerts or other information. This information may be useful to troubleshoot network connection or other problems.
  • You can filter the list of tasks to show only running, paused or finished tasks. You can also filter to show only live tasks, scans or Intruder attacks.

You can click the "pop-out" icon in the corner of each task to show it as a separate window, so you can keep it visible while working in other areas of Burp Suite.


If you scan a site more than once, only new issues are shown on the task summary panel. A second scan may not find any new issues, so no issues would be shown in the summary.

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