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Sending requests between different tools

  • Last updated: November 25, 2022

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Sending requests between different tools is a key part of the testing workflow in Burp. For example, you might spot a potentially interesting request in Burp Proxy and send it to Burp Intruder to perform fuzzing. Based on the results of your fuzzing, you might then send the same request to Burp Repeater to perform more targeting manual testing on a specific input.

You can send requests to other tools from wherever they appear in Burp. This includes:

  • Requests listed in the Proxy > HTTP history or Logger tabs.
  • Requests that you've intercepted using the Proxy > Intercept feature.
  • Requests that are displayed in the message editor anywhere in Burp.

To send a request to a different tool, right-click and select the relevant Send to [...] option.

Sending requests between tools in Burp Suite

Sending requests to the same tool

In some cases, you can send a request to the same tool that you're currently viewing it in. For example, if you select Send to Repeater on a request that is already in Burp Repeater, this creates a new Repeater tab containing another instance of the same request.

This can help to keep your testing organized. For example, if you notice additional interesting behavior that you want to investigate, you might create a new tab in this way so that you can come back to it later.

Sending to the same tool in Burp Suite

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