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Launching Burp Suite from the command line

To launch Burp Suite from the command line, you should download the plain JAR file version of Burp. The JAR file can be executed using Java, and there is no need to unpack the contents of the JAR file itself.

First check whether Java is installed:

With Java installed, in your command prompt type a command like:

java -jar -Xmx4g /path/to/burp.jar

where 4 is the amount of memory (in Gb) that you want to assign to Burp, and /path/to/burp.jar is the location of the Burp JAR file on your computer.

If everything is working, a splash screen should display for a few seconds, and then the main startup wizard window should appear. If nothing happens, or if an error message appears, please refer to the troubleshooting help.

Command line arguments

Various command line arguments are available to control Burp's behavior on startup. For example, you can tell Burp to prevent reloading of extensions, open a particular Burp project file, or load a particular configuration file.

You can view a list of available options using the command line argument --help .