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Checking your display settings

The first time you launch Burp, it is worth taking a moment to check your display settings. Initially, the main priority is making sure that the UI is displayed correctly and that you can read it comfortably. Burp lets you select different sized fonts for different parts of the UI, and you may want to change these settings depending on your screen resolution.

You can find more detailed information about the display settings in the main display options documentation.

First, look at the text shown in Burp's UI. This includes menus, tab labels, buttons, and so on.

If you want to change the main UI font size, go to the "Options" tab, then go to the "Display" sub-tab. Under "User Interface" you can edit the font size. Then restart Burp and check whether the new font is suitable.

Display settings tab

You can also change the general theme of the UI. You can choose between a dark or a light theme.

Dark theme setting

Next, go to the "Repeater" tab and type some text into the request panel.

If you want to change the font size for HTTP messages, go to the "Options" tab, then go to the "Display" sub-tab. Under "HTTP Message Display", you can edit both the font and font size. Any monospaced font found on your computer is available.

Then, go back to Burp Repeater and check whether the new font is suitable (there is no need to restart this time).

HTTP message font size