Misc project options

This tab contains settings for scheduled tasks, Burp Collaborator server, and logging.

Scheduled tasks

See the Task Scheduler documentation.

Burp Collaborator server

Burp Collaborator is an external service that Burp can use to help discover many kinds of vulnerabilities. For more details about the functionality and alternative methods of utilization of Burp Collaborator, see the main Burp Collaborator documentation.

Note: The functionality of Burp Collaborator gives rise to issues that require careful consideration by users. Users should ensure that they fully understand the functionality and the alternative methods of utilization of Burp Collaborator, and have considered the consequences of utilization for themselves and their organization.

The following options for using Burp Collaborator server are available:

If you are using a private Collaborator server, you will need to configure Burp with the details of its location. The following options are available:

The following further options are also available:


These settings control logging of HTTP requests and responses. Logging can be configured per-tool or for all Burp traffic.

Embedded browser project options

Burp's embedded browser is sandboxed by default. However, in a few very specific circumstances, such as when running in Linux as root, you might not be able to launch browser-powered scans using the sandbox.

If you run into issues, use the "Embedded Browser Health Check" tool to see if this is the cause. If so, you can enable the option "Allow the embedded browser to run without a sandbox". Before doing this, please make sure that you are aware of the security implications. Scanning hostile websites without the sandbox increases the risk of your local system being compromised.