Reporting scan results

You can export a report of some or all of the issues generated by Burp Scanner. To do this, select the desired issues in the Issues view of the Site map, or in the issue activity log, and choose "Report selected issues" from the context menu. The reporting wizard lets you choose various options for your report, as described below.

Report format

You can choose one of the following formats for the report:

Note: The XML format uses an internal DTD, and authors of interoperability code are recommended to review a sample report to obtain the current DTD. The following XML elements are worth noting:

Issue details

You can choose the types of details to include in the report:

HTTP messages

You can choose how HTTP messages should appear in the report. The following options are available for requests and responses:

Selecting issue types

The wizard lists the different types of issues that were included in your selection, and a count of the number of instances of each type. You can deselect any types of issues that you do not wish to include. This is useful if you have selected a large number of issues (for example, by selecting the application host), and want to remove certain less interesting types of issues from the report.

Report details

You can specify the file where the report will be saved.

For HTML reports, you can specify the following details: