Submitting an extension to the BApp store

If you have written an extension for Burp Suite, we invite you to submit it to us to become a BApp, available on the BApp store. The submission process is as follows:

Before you submit

Before you submit your extension, you should ensure that it will have the best chance of being accepted. Read the guidelines to see what we think makes a good extension. Some of the key points are:

BApps are forked from the source code of the creators. If you'd like to see the source code of current BApps, you can look at it in our repository.

Submit your extension

To submit your extension, you will need:

Once you have all this, contact us and we will review the extension.

Reviewing the extension

Once we have your extension, we will compile and review it to make sure it's suitable for the BApp store. We'll review it against the guidelines as follows:

We'll get back to you with any questions we might have or suggestions for improvement. Once we've reviewed the extension, we'll get back to you on whether it will be going in the BApp store.

Updating your BApp

The process for updating a BApp is as follows:

  1. Create a pull request against PortSwigger's fork of your repository. We will only accept pull requests from the forked repository.

  2. Email us to tell us that you've opened a pull request.

  3. We will review the changes and merge them into the PortSwigger fork.

  4. We will test the extension, and publish the updated version to the BApp Store.