Installing Burp's CA Certificate in a Windows Mobile Device

Before you start:

  • Ensure you have configured your Windows Mobile device to work with Burp.
  • Ensure your Windows Mobile device is able to receive email, and that your email filter does not block .cer files.
  • Note that after installing the certificate in your Windows Mobile device, it may not be possible to remove it.

On your computer with Burp running, visit http://burpsuite in and click the "CA Certificate" link. Save the certificate file on your computer.


On your computer, rename the file with the .cer file extension, and sent the file as an email attachment to an account that you can access from your Windows Mobile device.


Check your email on the Windows Mobile device. Select the certificate file attachment.


In the “Install Certificates?” page, tap the “install” button.


On the following confirmation page tap “ok”.


You should now be able to visit any HTTPS URL via Burp without any security warnings.

Note: This article is based on Lumia Cyan running on a Nokia Lumia 530 mobile device.