Launching Burp Suite from your Desktop

Burp Suite is a Java application and is distributed via native platform installers or as a standalone Java executable file, with the .JAR extension. You can download Burp Suite Free Edition from the website. For Burp Suite Professional users, you can log in and download the latest Professional build using your account details.

The native platform installers bundle Burp together with a private Java runtime environment, so you don't need to worry about installing or updating Java.

The Burp JAR file can be executed using a Java Runtime Environment, and there is no need to unpack the contents of the JAR file itself.


First, download the appropriate version of Burp Suite from our website.


On Windows


On Windows, you can launch Burp Suite from your desktop by double clicking a shortcut to the .exe or the Burp .jar file.



On OS X you can launch Burp from your desk top by double clicking the .exe or the Burp .jar file.


Please note, the first time you launch the Burp .jar file you may need to instruct your machine to use the appropriate program to launch the Java .jar file in to the JRE.

On Linux


On Linux, you can launch the Burp suite .jar file from your desktop by specifying the appropriate runtime environment.


To launch the .exe version of Burp Suite, you will first need to run the .sh file from your terminal.


You can then double click the Burp Suite Professional icon to run Burp Suite.