Audit items view

You can access the audit items view from the Burp dashboard by opening the task details window for a scanning task that includes auditing.

The following details about each item are shown:

This information lets you easily monitor the progress of individual audit items. If you find that some scans are progressing too slowly, you can understand the reasons why, such as large numbers of insertion points, slowness in application responses, network errors, etc. Given this information, you can then take action to optimize your scans, by changing the configuration for audit optimization, the issues being tested, or insertion points.

You can double-click any item to display the issues identified so far, and view the base request and response for the item.

You can use the context menu to perform various actions to control the audit process. The exact options that are available depend upon the status of the selected item(s), and include:

Audit phase indicators

Burp Scanner carries out various audit phases when performing a scan. The audit items view indicates the progress of each item through the different audit phases:

Audit items annotations

You can annotate audit items by adding comments and highlights. This can be useful to flag up interesting items for further investigation or to help manage your manual workflow.

You can add highlights in two ways:

You can add comments in two ways: