Collaborator Client

Burp Collaborator client is a tool for making use of Burp Collaborator during manual testing. You can use the Collaborator client to generate payloads for use in manual testing, and poll the Collaborator server for any network interactions that result from using those payloads.

To run Burp Collaborator client, go to the Burp menu and select "Burp Collaborator client".

The following functions are available:

  • You can generate a specified number of Collaborator payloads and copy these to the clipboard. You can use these in manual testing, for example using Burp Intruder or Repeater.
  • You can choose whether the generated payloads include the full Collaborator server location, or only the unique interaction ID.
  • You can poll the Collaborator server to retrieve details of any network interactions resulting from your payloads, either at a regular interval or on demand.

Please take note of the following when using the Burp Collaborator client:

  • Each Collaborator client window opens in a separate context in which payloads can be generated and polled for. There is no cross-talk of payloads or interactions between separate client windows. Hence, if you close a client window, there is no way to retrieve any further interactions resulting from its payloads.
  • Each Collaborator client window is tied to the Collaborator server configuration that was in place at the time the window was opened. If you modify your Collaborator server settings (for example, to use a different private Collaborator server) you will need to open a new client window to use that configuration.